Civil and Public Engineers in Taos, NM

Abeyta Engineering, Inc

  • Town of Taos Youth and Family Center
  • Holy Cross Plaza
  • Tierra Foothills Apartments
  • Taos County Housing Drainage Improvements
  • Paul Rottman Condominiums
  • Pavel Lukes Office Complex
  • Diamond Plaza
  • ​​Best Price Storage
  • Taos Charter School
  • Shady Brook Inn Condominiums
  • El Cerrito Apartments
  • Walgreens
  • Taos High School Fields
  • Enos Garcia Renovation
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Parking Lot
  • Holy Cross Hospital Medical Office Building
  • Town of Taos Eco Park
  • Centinel Bank North
  • Ranchos Elementary Renovations

Site Grading and Drainage Design

Water Control Structures...and More

  • Acequia del Marrano Diversion Structure
  • Talpa Reservoir Ditch Pipeline Phase I and II
  • Acequia del Monte Headgate Structures
  • Acequia Madre del Rio Grande Pipeline
  • Coca Venita Irrigation Pipeline
  • Jaroso Ditch Pipeline
  • Diversion Dam Reviews for Taos Soil and Water
  • ​​Randall Reservoir Outlet Works Rehabilitation
  • Citizens Ditch at Red River Diversion Dam
  • Acequia Benito Martinez Diversion and Pipeline
  • Acequia Gurule Diversion on Rio Santa Barbara
  • Pattison Water Tank Road
  • Talpa Reservoir Outlet Rehabilitatio
  • Taos Residence Foundation Plans
  • Town of Taos Suspended Sewerline Design
  • Structural Retaining Wall Design
  • Taos County Solid Waste Transfer Stations
  • Fort Burgwin Bridge Deck
  • Laguna Acoma Pueblo Trail Design

Roadway and Utility Design

  • Pinon Heights Subdivision
  • Sombre del Monte Subdivision
  • Quatro Hermanos Subdivision
  • Riverbend Subdivision
  • Sierra Vista Subdivision
  • Dos Arroyo Planned Urban Development
  • Del Sol a Sol Subdivision
  • Sangre de Cristo Subdivision
  • Pattison Block 4 Subdivision
  • El Rillito Mobile Home Park
  • Palomita Subdivision
  • Chamisa Vista Subdivision
  • Los Pandos Estates Subdivision
  • Mesa Mesa Subdivision
  • Las Olas Subdivision
  • Atalaya Subdivision
  • Sierra de Taos Subdivision
  • Beau Soleil Subdivision
  • Venado Rojo Commercial Subdivision

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575-770-2651 Alex Cell

575-770-2074 Amos Cell

Subdivision Permitting and Design

  • Town of Taos Public Works Manual
  • Access Road Special Use Permits
  • Cimarron 6th & 7th Street Improvements
  • NMDOT Highway Access Permits
  • Bret Hale Road
  • El Valle de Los Ranchos Wastewater Master Plan
  • NM 68 Water Line Extension
  • ​​El Prado Sewer Interconnection
  • El Valle de Los Rancho Sewer Lines
  • Greater World Community Phase II Roadways
  • Town of Taos Water Rights Study
  • El Valle Water Master Plan
  • Pattison Water Tank Road
  • El Valle - UNM Sewer Line
  • UNM Klauer Campus Water Line
  • Salazar Road South Extension
  • Chamisa Road Infrastructure
  • Old Canon Talpa Road Rehabilitation
  • Camino Merced Rehabilitation